Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Some trip photos...

Well, its been a little while since our Fort Sumter and SC Aquarium Trip but I had some photos to post so I figured better late than never.  After I post these, I've got a lot of school to cover (if anyone can even DO a lot of school when the weather is in the 80's and everyone wants to play...) and then I've got a few strawberry plants, a couple of pepper plants and one icebox watermelon to plant.

Here are our photos....
The aquarium was awesome...we loved the outside exhibit with all the birds so incredibly up close.
The last picture also shows the dolphins that raced with our boat and played in the waves...we were all pretty excited to see that!


                                                   Matthias holding a whole conversation
                                                                with a stingray


                                                    The dolphins!

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