Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Yesterday was such an amazingly good day for my heart.  Its such an emotional thing to explain.  Yesterday was special because I was given a gift.  The gift of knowing a little bit more about the son that is growing in my heart instead of under it.   Not really specifically about him, but about the town he lives in and which orphanage he is in.   I was able to look up what the area is like, what the orphanage is like.  And it gets even better...I was able to make contact with a wonderful Mom that brought her own little boy with Down Syndrome home from the same orphanage just 5 months ago.  I can't even begin to explain in words what this information and contact has done for me...I just can't put it into words.  Its not much about him specifically...but its something.  Its a little connection with his world.  It sounds so silly, but its crazy to be loving a boy that is yours in another country and having no idea what their life looks like.  The Mom I made contact with really blessed this Mama heart of mine.  She helped me see a little bit of what is to come.  I've been pouring over all her old posts from when she traveled in-country...it almost feels like a sneak peek into our future! 

So, I am happy.  Very happy.  So I figured we'd top it all off with a little video of our Joseph.  I've had this video for awhile.   I love this video...

Thank you for those praying and donating!  Please spread the word of our adoption of Joseph...feel free to take our Family Sponsorship Button from Reece's Rainbow and put it on your own blogs.  Post on Facebook...you name it!  Whatever it takes to bring our boy home.  We don't want him to spend any more time learning to cope on his own.  He needs to come home...


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