Saturday, May 5, 2012

Our Family Sponsorship Button!

Not only are we on the "New Committments Page" on Reece's Rainbow, but we now have our Family Sponsorship Page Button!  So exciting!  Please feel free to take our RR button for Joseph and put in on your blog...we'd be so thankful!

 Also, if your wanting to donate to our puzzle fundraiser you can donate to either one...our chip-in is immediate funds to us but not tax-deductible and the Reece's Rainbow Family Sponsorship Button that is now on the left below our chip-in is tax-deductible and only available to us when we travel.  With our personal chip-in, we get the message of who donated and amount sent to us but I don't think we'll have that with the Reece's Rainbow button so please email me if you donate to that and want to be listed on a puzzle piece!

Thank you to all that have stopped by here to learn about our adoption...we appreciate so very much!


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