Wednesday, May 9, 2012

More good news...

Received an email from our agency this morning...our file was officially matched with Joseph at their committee meeting!  This just makes it all the more official!  Its pretty cool to know that Joseph's country knows who we are and that we're coming to get him!

 Now we just need to get pushing with all the paperwork for our Dossier...  Spent a long time on the phone with our agency contact figuring out how to do all the official things we need to, international adoption is confusing if you've never done it before! 

Our puzzle fundraiser....we've had 14 puzzle pieces donated so far!  Thank you so very much to those that have played a part in helping to bring Joseph home. We have many more pieces to go!  If you donate for the puzzle, please email me so I know how many pieces to write your name on.  For more info. on our puzzle fundraiser, please click the top right hand picture of the puzzle pieces...thank you!


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