Friday, May 18, 2012

Sorry for the lack of posting...our family life has taken on some exciting twists and turns lately and its kept me from having time to post.  More on the twists and turns later!
Here's a post I had hoped to "publish" several days ago...

    Joseph was born with Down Syndrome.  We are hoping to make him a part of our family so of course I've been reading up more on Down Syndrome.  I have a Special Education degree but honestly I focused more on other special needs in college and we really didn't cover much about Down Syndrome.  I've watched and read a lot about the attack against people with Down Syndrome but somehow the battle is more personal...this is our future son people are talking about.

In Eastern Europe, people with Down Syndrome are almost automatically dropped off in orphanages because of Down Syndrome.  Considered unteachable, unworthy of life, social outcasts.  Many orphanage workers do not think that anyone would adopt a child with Down Syndrome.

In America, 92% of babies with Down Syndrome are aborted before they are even given a chance at life.  92%.  Yes, you read that right.  That would be why you don't see many individuals with Down Syndrome in your community...92% of them never made it into the world.

"The targeted elimination of people with Down Syndrome is in fact, the goal of the Obama administration and other countries that have adopted nationwide prenatal testing programs."
        - Mark Leach   9/12/2011

When we first started our journey into the hopes of adopting internationally, we knew we wanted to adopt a special needs child.  We wanted that opportunity for our family to give and love unconditionally and we also felt it was really important to send a message to the Eastern European countries that special needs children matter.  That they are worthy of love and in many cases can live very happy and fulfilling lives.

 As we have gotten further along in the process and we have had God call us to Joseph, we realize that this is not just an Eastern European issue that needs to be de-bunked.  Our country is in such a terrible state right now...where we "terminate" 92% of individuals that God has intended for our nation.  Our God DOES NOT MAKE MISTAKES.  And we have chosen as a nation to think we know better.  I look around, and I very rarely see other individuals with Down Syndrome that should be Joseph's future friends, playmates and peers.  It breaks my heart.  But I know Joseph is going to be an amazing example in our community to the value of people with Down Syndrome.

We are pro-life.  We go as a family and pray outside abortion clinics, we go to pro-life rallies, we try our best to "represent" our pro-life beliefs to the world.  But pro-life also needs to be pro-adoption...we need to be a people that not only says that abortion is wrong and that every single life that God creates is valued but also that we are willing to open our homes to children not born from our own families and love them as God loves them.  Unconditionally. These "unwanted" children need homes! 

1 John 3:18 -  "Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth."

Our family is stepping out in faith and loving with "action and truth" and we could use your help.  Everyone's way of helping is different...some families step out into the deep and adopt, others do all that they can to help support families that are taking that plunge.  If you'd like to help, please let us know.  Adoption is a huge, huge undertaking.  But with God, and with his people working together to be His Hands and His feet, it is attainable.

May God abundantly bless you for all your prayers, support and encouragement,


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  1. Excellent post. I agree that pro-life needs to be pro-adoption. I believe that both need to start with being pro-family and pro-children.